Transition Education offers seminars to boost your skills and your knowledge in CUTTING and COLORING techniques as well as a 3-D-Print 

In our 2-day courses, we want to share with our students how to create perfect lines and to color hair in a 3 dimensional way.


Our aim is to shape our students' mind to a truly minimalistic approach to hair. In our courses you will learn to control your work and expand your repertoire.


We will ensure you that you gain more control over your work. At the end you will feel more confident to make a real transition to your clients.




תל אביב

בן יהודה 220, תל אביב

+972-(0)3-9494614 :טלפון

:שעות פתיחה 
10:00 - 20:00 - 'ימי א'- ה 

9:00 - 15:00 - יום שישי

 יום שבת סגור :אימייל

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12 Warren Street, W1T 5LG

+44 (0) 20-73832155 :טלפון

:שעות פתיחה 

ימי א'-ד' 10:00-20:00

ימי ה'-ו' 11:00-21:00

יום שבת 9:00-18:00

יום ראשון סגור


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